Prohibited banking: how to obtain a consumer credit?

Difficult financial situations are completely unforeseen in life. In order to get out of bad times, consumer credit can help more than one. However, there are situations which do not allow certain people to access this alternative from a bank or from a particular creditor. Being prohibited from banking or having committed a criminal act constitute grounds for refusing to grant a loan. According to the latest polls, the number of credit defaulters has increased significantly between 2015 and 2016.

Who is prohibited from banking in Belgium?

Who is prohibited from banking in Belgium?

A person is said to be “banking prohibited” when they no longer have any right to borrow money from a bank. His name is already on a kind of black list of the Capital lender. When the person on file at the Bank applies for a credit from another creditor, the latter has the procedure of consulting this file. Thus, logically, the chance of granting a loan to a person considered to be a bad payer is then, strictly zero. There are many factors and reasons that can create a banking ban: unpaid monthly payments, a check issued without funds or other delicate and personal situations. Only those concerned can know how to regularize their situation to remove this bar.

However, there are still solutions for banking bans that could help them get more cash and get out of their precarious financial situation. In this way, the over-indebted or the bank account can recover his rights and can make other requests for credits, while remaining vigilant after having lessons…

What are the solutions for banking bans?

What are the solutions for banking bans?

Finding yourself in a precarious situation which is over-indebtedness, there is nothing more serious. In Belgium, solutions still exist to circumvent the lock. Fortunately, various solutions are still possible with many financial organizations. Among these alternatives is social credit or supported social credit. Concretely, it is a type of consumer credit intended to save banking bans and people in precarious financial situations. The sum obtained via this loan must be used for projects to improve well-being: what is necessary and useful and no more! With this amount, the person can manage their expenses and save money that will allow them to recover their debts.

Credit consolidation is also a popular solution for those who want to break the deadlock. By consolidating all consumer loans outstanding in one single credit, the borrower can see reduce their monthly payments. However, it is advisable in this case to spread out the total duration of reimbursement in order to ensure this reduction in monthly payments. With a single monthly payment to be paid every month and a single credit to manage, it goes without saying that the person concerned will find more time and more serenity to put to the service of his new resources.

In the event of difficult to manage financial problems, the sound advice of a professional broker or financial expert can always help. Do not hesitate to consult the opinion of a broker specialized in consumer credit near you or online to find the solution adapted to your situation as effectively as possible.

Warning ! Taking out a new loan means you have a new debt to pay. Make a credit redemption simulation or a consumer loan rate calculation online before you decide!

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