Vive Ahora Talent by Ron Barceló

The Vive Ahora Talent contest, run by Ron Barceló, shows how, for the first time, a brand developed a user generated content project. This goes beyond branded content by turning the target into a brand ambassador and a content generator. It’s a totally innovative contest, not least because it goes far beyond the territory usually trodden by brands. It mixes offline challenges with the power of digital media to spread content and the effect millennials play in turning things viral.

For this new and innovative style of contest, MUWOM joined forces once again with Ron Barceló and three of the most recognized DJs on the national stage; Les Castizos, and Albert Neve. After the experience acquired on Desalia Music, we decided to put a spot light on talent with the idea of giving youths the opportunity of converting their passion in a career. To that end, Vive Ahora Talent was launched. It’s a contest for talented youth in which four distinct disciplines are put to the test: DJing, PR, Community Management, and audio visual production. The participants had to create teams of four in line with those disciplines. To begin with, we gave them training so that they could create their own profiles on Facebook and Twitter. And with a kit of brand materials working as an instruction manual on how to make a good video, the brand’s content was to be based in the making of audio visual pieces by the mentors who had to explain each challenge to the teams.

Throughout the contest the participants had to overcome challenges that put their talents to the test. This allowed them to grow and develop their professional skills in each of the areas. A total of more than 1,500 people from all over Spain, and from many different professional fields took part in this journey of growth and learning side by side with Ron Barceló.

Each challenge was strategically designed to allow the participants to learn real professional skills that they could later apply in the real world such as communication or production. All of the teams have learned a lot, not just from the challenges, but also from the artists and brand ambassadors that accompanied them throughout.

Six finalists went face to face in a grand finale in which all of their new skills were put to the test. The participant in charge of PR had to attract the public to the event, the community manager had to make a mark on social media, and the filmmaker had to create a visual show to synchronize perfectly with the session that the DJ was playing.

The prize for the winning team was the chance to take in a real professional experience. They were sent for a week, all expenses paid, to the Ron Barceló Desalia festival in The Dominican Republic where the winning DJ got a chance to play to a live festival audience, as well as working together with top drawer producers such as Carlos Jean and Albert Neve to create the anthem of Desalia 2016. They then went to the launch of the anthem learning along the way all the steps required in such a process.

On top of this amazing experience, each of the winners received a gift that could serve them as a tool in their new profession. The community manager got a Mac Book Pro, the PR person an iPhone 6, the filmmaker a GoPro, and the DJ was given a Traktor Kontrol S8. These prizes were complimented with training courses given by professional within the industry.

In all, Vive Ahora Talent by Ron Barceló proved to be a valuable project for all involved. Its uniqueness and originality set it apart. No other project before it had brought together so many concepts and united them so well. It was a digitally based reality show, it generated real, valuable content, and it converted customers to professionals and invaluable brand ambassadors. The importance of the training received during the whole process cannot be understated; not only did it give the participants a new opportunity in the world but it gave the brand an extra aspect of credibility, which is something of extreme value in the current climate.

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1. Success in online impact.

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2. Direct mention by national and international influencers, resulting in more than 3.5 million impacts.

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3. More than 230 media appearances (TV, radio, print press, and online) in a single week. Click here to see the full numbers of media appearances. Or take a look at this video report done by Camara Abierta, a show made by the Spanish national broadcaster.
4. The involvment of almost 400 teams from around spain


A lot of new experiences
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  • Project

    Vive Ahora Talent

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    Ron Barceló

  • Agencies

    McCann, FCB, WINK, Ymedia, Actúa Comunicación and Ketchum

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  • Description

    The first time, a brand developed a user generated content project.

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