Music has always formed a part of our lives. Today more than ever it is in our lives at all times and it’s an active participant in forming our experiences. It’s present in our day to day lives, and especially when we are travelling. In the same way, train travel has always been close to music. In fact Renfe, the Spanish national railway provider, is the only company that gives its passengers head phones and also gives the option of listening to music on each journey.

Renfe, hand in hand with MUWOM, decided to use music to communicate with its travellers through the “Tu historia, tu canción” (your story, your song). It’s a project that will result in the first song composed with the stories and experiences of rail passengers.

Tu historia, tu canción

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Through the website rail users will have until the middle of March to share the stories that they have formed throughout their lives on the rails. From all of these stories, the most exciting and remarkable will be chosen to be the inspiration for the song. Singer songwriters Bebe and Juan Zelada will travel by train with the owners of the selected stories so that they can hear and live these stories first hand. After the journeys the artists will return to the studio to work on putting together the song. In this process Renfe would like to show the work that goes into creating the song, so the whole process will be documented on video; from the journeys themselves to the long hours spent composing and recording in the studio.

This initiative will be the first of many by Renfe in its journey to use music as a way of creating connections with its travellers. As such, new ideas and formats will soon be announced that will reinforce Renfe’s belief that there’s a strong connection between people and music.

The presentation of “Tu historia, tu canción” will coincide with the launch of a new spot by Renfe called “Tu tiempo, tu tren” (your time, your train). It shows the infinite number of special moments that are lived on the train. The voice of singer and actress Najwa Nimri transports us through all of those special moments that take place on train journeys, just like the moments that are waiting to be shared on



  • Generate a content project that is interesting to the brands target.
  • Give value by giving a voice to the brand target in creating the music that drives the project.
  • Position the brand in the development of creative projects.



  • Renfe te inspira a crear tu propia banda sonora (Reason Why).
  • Renfe quiere conectar con los viajeros animándoles a hacer su banda sonora (La Vanguardia)
  • Renfe apuesta por la música con “Tu historia, tu canción” (myipop)
  • Tu historia puede ser la próxima canción de Renfe (DuendeMad).
  • Artists

    Bebe and Juan Zelada

  • Brand


  • Project

    Tu historia, tu canción

  • Description

    Bebe and Juan Zelada the first song composed with the real life stories of rail users, all thanks to Renfe´s new “Tu historia, tu cancion” project

  • Date

    Feb to May 2016

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