El Plan B by Ballantine's

“The internet isn’t full of pirates, it’s full of talent”

Under this premise Carlos Jean and Ballantine’s fired the starting gun on the project that to this day has been the biggest success of MUWOM. Without doubt, it was a historic feat in Spain as far as how brands do publicity. This game changing project brought branded entertainment and branded content to the fore in such a way that it left an indelible mark in the minds of consumers, and the music industry alike.

The project serves as a prime example of a transmedia narrative. There was the CD, the book, a documentary, a TV spot, and of course the live experience. Such was its revolutionary power that it now features in text books.

The formula is simple; Carlos Jean puts a musical base to which artists from anywhere around the world can add their part online and create the final song together. Carlos then travels to the places where the chosen participants are to record their contribution in a portable studio. The first song to result from this was the aptly named “Lead the Way”. It became an instant hit, climbing to the number 1 spot on radio stations and in digital sales.

El Hormiguero (the leading Spanish primetime television chat and entertainment show) became interested and together with MUWOM they brought El Plan B into the spotlight by putting it in a segment on the show which was subsequently honored with a Rose d’Or. They were later approached by Endemol who acquired the idea, expanded on it, and made a full length television show which debuted in The Netherlands the following year.

It received further recognition at advertising festivals such as Cannes, El Sol, EFI and IAB. And finally it received the award of Best Project at the award ceremony of radio station Los 40 Principales.

The project bore fruit in the form of numerous hit songs that are compiled in the CD-book-documentary “El Plan B de Carlos Jean”. The project served not only as an inspiration to many artists but as a springboard for some of the participants who became professional musicians thanks to the recognition they gained from taking part in El Plan B

CASE STUDY FOR THE CANNES LIONS (created by Optimedia):


To speak of the results of this project can be complex; not only was it a commercial hit but it created waves in many industries. Below we have a brief slide show detailing some of the main points.

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